Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Leak Detection

Anthony's Plumbing

July 31, 2019 - Wednesday


Ever walk into a room in your home and there's a new lake that wasn't there before? Leaks can come from a variety of sources in or near your home. The older the pipes are, the less effective they become. If your system is aging, it may be at a higher risk of leaks. In addition, hard water, consisting of minerals and other rough materials, can eat away at the pipes and cause a small rupture to occur, leading to a leak. Depending on the material of your pipes, rusting can take place. If the rust problem is significant, it can weaken your pipes and the very pressure from the water can cause a rupture. 

It is important that you find the cause quickly because leaky pipes are actually dangerous. Water that seeps out of pipes can cause a major flood, if left unattended. When the flooding is over, you are left with severe damage and mold growth. Mold is toxic to humans and animals and can cause serious respiratory problems after a few weeks of heavy exposure. Along with serious health problems, wet, slippery floors can lead to falls and other issues like bacterial infections. If your pipes are leaking, it’s wise to seek a leak detection service provider [like Anthony's Plumbing] to spot the exact location of the leak and mend the problem immediately. 

When clients call us, we know that every leak is different, so we look for different signs of where the leak may be originating from like odor or sounds. Using high quality, high-tech tools, we are able to find a wide range of leaks in your home that vary by size and condition. Once we locate the source of the leak, we measure it and determine a way to fix it. With over twenty years of plumbing services experience, we are experts at finding leaks and repairing leaks, no matter where they may be. People call us when it comes to leaks because, to be honest, most leaks are not something that can be fixed by wrapping duct tape around it. Generally, fixing a leak requires a professional, and that's where we come in. 

For those of you who are looking for plumbers in my area or plumbers near me, the good news is that Anthony's Plumbing services the entire Inland Empire, San Bernardino County, as well as the Los Angeles and Riverside areas. If you have a leak that needs to be repaired, we are here 24/7 for emergency plumbing services. We service both residential plumbing and commercial plumbing clients, and financing is available [on approved credit]. 

Have questions? Just give us a call at 909-823-3807 or you can check us out online at: With over twenty years of plumbing experience, we are still family owned and operated. For a local plumbing company you can trust, call Anthony's Plumbing today.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Plumbing Services

Anthony's Plumbing

July 24, 2019 - Wednesday


For over twenty years, Anthony's Plumbing has been providing plumbing services throughout the Inland Empire, the Riverside and the Los Angeles areas. But with all the over-the-counter plumbing solutions available, why do people call a plumber these days? How hard can it be to clean a drain, after all? Don't they sell plungers and Drano and Liquid Plumber to pretty much anyone who has a pulse? Of course they do. The reality is, people call us because simple solutions aren't enough. You pour out the whole bottle and wait... a few bubbles... then nothing. It's very frustrating. Believe me, I know. And then there's Uncle Bob. He knows how to fix everything, or at least so he says. Three hours later, guests are starting to arrive in the living room, the sink is still clogged and Bob is beside himself, sitting on the soggy throw rug on the floor, watching YouTube videos of cats chasing dogs, or some other such thing, and that's when you go look for our magnet on your refrigerator so you can call us and get things back to normal. Maybe you'll need hydro jetting. Maybe a snake. Whatever the problem, we are experts at finding it quickly and giving you the best rates for repair. Many of our repeat clients have learned it's better to call us sooner than later. Especially when flooding is involved. Pipes burst and water starts to fill the floor and that's when things get very real. Of course the hot water heater going out when you're trying to take a shower so you can go to work is very real, as well. Those people in Alaska who cut holes in the ice and jump in, well, they are a bit different. Everyone I know likes a little hot water when they shower or bathe. And that noise hot water heaters make when they are going out, the clanking, that can be rather scary. The good news is that we don't scare easily. When it comes to plumbing, we've got your covered. Whether you need drain cleaning, toilet repair or an  emergency plumber at 3;15 in the morning, we are here for you. No matter where you are in the area and you're searching for plumbers near me, consider us your local plumbers, ready to respond wherever and whenever. Of course we also provide services when it's not an emergency. Toilet installation, shower installation, repiping, garbage disposal installation, of course water heater installation, sink or faucet installation, we do all of that and more. We offer free quotes and phone consultations, but of course for some jobs we'll need to come to your home or business to give you a more realistic quote. Any questions? Just give us a call at 909-823-3807 and let us win your trust.       

Monday, July 15, 2019

Garbage Disposal

Anthony's Plumbing

July 15, 2019 - Monday

Garbage Disposal

Ever notice the bad smells coming from your Garbage Disposal? Many times, the reason is because of the food particles that get stuck in the nicks and crannies along the way. Disposals are known to crack and leak because we accidentally drop utensils or other hardened objects and grind them without knowing [like forks, spoons and knives] so check first before grinding and having the outer plastic housing crack. If you are Superman or Wonder Woman, common utensils would pose no threat, but to the average kitchen sink garbage disposal, we rely on the operator to exercise a certain level of caution. 

Bottom line: It's good to always check your disposal before you turn it on. Also, cut up larger food particles, and run a lot of cold water just before you turn it on. Rather than spend a lot of money on garbage disposal cleaner, we recommend that you use Dawn Ultra Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap, whenever possible. We do not own stock in Dawn or P&G, but we find it to be a very high-quality product. They do sell it at Walmart, as well as most other quality home product retailers. To get rid of food particles hidden in your disposal, you can also throw ice inside the disposal. Maybe a few lemon peels from time to time. Also, for the smell, clean out the hose that goes from the air gap that drains into the disposal. It is better to run your disposal regularly. If you ever need help with your disposal, or want to upgrade to a newer, better model, just give us a call. For plumbing emergencies, Anthony’s Plumbing is here 24/7 for all your plumbing needs. If you want to do it yourself, we recommend the badger garbage disposal. So, what is the best garbage disposal? Of course, the answer will vary depending on who you ask. 

The InSinkErator Badger 5 is what we usually install. You can find it at Home Depot [Click Here], or on Amazon [Click Here] or if you prefer Lowes [Click Here]. Want something a little quieter? Then we recommend the Evolution Excel Garbage Disposal [Click Here]. Nothing grinds more with less noise. InSinkErator Evolution Series disposals represent the highest standard in performance. 

Simply put, they are the best grinding, quietest line of disposals Emerson has ever made. We install and repair all makes and models of garbage disposals, so if you need help, just give us a call at 909-823-3807 or visit us online at Anthony's Plumbing.